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                15W/50 PENNZOIL PLATINUM - 125 CASES

                15W/50 PENNZOIL PLATINUM - 125 CASES

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                Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $50.00 per Pallet. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote
                Contact us for Export Prices on Container Quantities

                PENNZOIL Platinum? Full Synthetic Motor Oil
                Part no. 5067670
                Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic engine oil with superior Active Cleansing Agents continuously attacks potential and stubborn deposits to help keep the engine clean. It also contains special protective additives for our ultimate engine protection that exceeds USA and European industry standards like ILSAC GF-4, API SM and ACEA performance. Pennzoil Platinum is designed to provide our ultimate cleansing under the most severe driving style or conditions to maximize engine responsiveness.


                15W/50 PENNZOIL PLATINUM - 125 CASES
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