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                MOTOR OIL SAE 5W20

                MOTOR OIL SAE 5W20

                Manufacture Product Code Packaging Type Price
                520-D 55-Gallon Drum $359.00
                520-B Bulk $4.85
                520-P 5-Gallon Pail $39.45
                Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $50.00 per Pallet. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote
                Contact us for Export Prices on Container Quantities

                SAE 5W20 MOTOR OIL

                1800? Brand HD MULTI-VIS MOTOR OILS are highly refined paraffinic base oils compounded to exacting specifications. They have a natural high viscosity index and a highly superior additive package that protects against rust, corrosion, oxidation and wear of moving parts. A detergent dispersant provides control of sludge and varnish.

                1. Maximum protection for extreme weather starting and driving conditions;
                2. Excellent lubricity at both high and low temperatures;
                3. Does not break down in stop and go driving;
                4. Help reduce oil consumption;
                5. Protection against foaming, rust and oxidation in the crankcase;
                6. Dispersant additive keeps harmful dirt particles suspended in oil.
                HD MULTI-VIS MOTOR OILS are recommended for U.S., European and Japanese cars and light duty trucks for diesel and gasoline engines.
                HD MULTI-VIS MOTOR OILS meet and/or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements API SN,SM, SL, SJ, SH, ILSAG, GF-2, GF-3,GF-4.

                This oil has a weight of SAE 5W20, meaning it has an SAE viscosity rating of 5 in cold temperatures and a rating of 20 at normal operating temperature. Always check your vehicle's owner's manual to verify that this is the correct weight of motor oil for your vehicle.

                MOTOR OIL SAE 5W20
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