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                Order by Phone or Email

                Please, fill in and submit Product Request Form:

                Product Request Form (Word)

                Product Request Form (PDF)

                Submit completed form to: sales@oilmiami.com

                Order by Phone: 786-393-2441

                Payment can be made by any major credit card or bank wire transfer.

                Cash payments can also be made at the shipping facility.

                We deliver products in South Florida within 60 miles from Miami.

                We ship by freight and will gladly provide freight quotes for your order.

                You are welcome to use your preferred freight company.

                Contact us for Prices and Delivery schedule of Generator fuel / Off-road Diesel.

                Return Policy
                We understands that there may be reasons from time to time that could cause the need for a product return. We will honor returns under the following conditions:
                (a) The product must be shipped back to us within 14 days of your purchase date.
                (b) The container/product is unopened and in “factory new” condition.
                (c) Please call our office to obtain a return authorization number.
                * Some Restrictions on Product Returns apply. Please see below for details

                All returned merchandise sent to our facilities in unopened, factory new condition that includes a return authorization number will be honored as a return. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

                PayPal Acceptance Mark