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                Lysyi u vseh vyryval klyushki sednya

                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-68
                PRICE: $314.75 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                Number One Choice for High Quality Hydraulic Oil

                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-68
                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-46
                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-32
                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-150
                HYDRAULIC OIL AW-100

                1800? Brand - Hydraulic Fluids AW-150, AW -100, AW-68, AW-46, AW-32 are formulated from selected base oils and compounded with a superior additive treatment for use in all kind of hydraulic systems running under the most difficult conditions. These hydraulic oils provide excellent fluid stability and reduce maintenance operating cost.

                1800? HYDRAULIC OIL APPLICATIONS:
                For use in many applications, where an universal high performance anti-wear hydraulic fluid and high operating reliability is the only option:
                Plastic molding machinery, metal working machine tools, construction equipment, compacting and bailing machines, material handling equipment, sanitation vehicles, hydraulic elevators, presses and numerous other types of hydraulically powered devices and machines.

                1800? HYDRAULIC OIL ADVANTAGES:
                1- High protection against wear insuring maximum equipment life
                2- Superior thermal stability avoiding formation of sludge even at high temperature
                3- Very good oxidation stability ensuring a long service life of fluid
                4- Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
                5- Good anti-foam and air release properties by using silicon free components
                6- Good demulsibility expedites the rapid separation of water from oil
                7- Outstanding filterability even in the presence of water
                8- Helps to keep seals pliable and resists shock load wear
                9- Excellent hydrolytic stability avoiding filter blocking

                Hydraulic Oils AW-150, AW-100, AW-68, AW-46, AW-32 are formulated to provide excellent wear protection for hydraulic pumps and motors, very good oxidation resistance and high protection against rust and corrosion. They have very good water-separating properties to minimize the formation of emulsions, and is resistant to excessive foam buildup that can cause poor or sluggish hydraulic system response.

                80W90 GEAR OIL HEAVY DUTY
                PRICE: $408.75 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                80W90 GEAR OIL
                85W140 GEAR OIL
                90W GEAR OIL
                140W GEAR OIL
                75W90 SYNTHETIC GEAR
                80W140 SYNTHETIC GEAR
                SHELL OMALA 3200
                Spirax EW SAE 80W-140

                HEAVY DUTY MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR LUBRICANTS are recommended for construction equipment, truck and bus fleets, farm machinery and passenger cars. They can be used for service fill, make-up, or top-off of manual transmissions, differential, real axles, manual steering gears, final drives and universal joints.

                Gear oil is a lubricant made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. It is of a higher viscosity to better protect the gears. The high viscosity ensures transfer of lubricant throughout the gear train. This is necessary since the devices needing this heavy oil do not have pumps for transferring the oil with only a portion of the lowermost gears bathed in an oil sump.

                GREASE RED HIGH-TEMP EP-2
                PRICE: $232.25 (120 LB KEG)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                LITHIUM GREASE MP-2
                RED HIGH-TEMP EP-2
                SHELL ALBIDA WR
                SHELL ALVANIA EP 0
                SHELL RETINAX MDX 1
                CONCRETE FORM OIL

                Wide variety of GREASE and lubricants for many different grease applications. The applications include: All-Purpose Grease, Extreme Pressure Grease, GC-LB Wheel Bearing Grease, High Performance Grease, High Temperature Grease, Lithium Grease, Moly Lithium Grease, White Lithium Grease, Big Red Hi Temp Grease, H-D Impact Grease and other popular types.
                Please, contact us with your needs and we'll be glad to provide you with great solution.

                15W40 DIESEL ENGINE OIL
                PRICE: $5.75 (Bulk)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                MOTOR OIL 5W20
                MOTOR OIL 5W30
                MOTOR OIL 10W30
                MOTOR OIL 10W40
                DIESEL OIL 15W40 CI-4
                MOTOR OIL 20W50
                DIESEL OIL 30w
                DIESEL OIL 40w
                DIESEL OIL 50w

                CONVENTIONAL DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OIL is refined from premium petroleum products and contains additives that are specially formulated to provide your engine with excellent protection and performance over a wide range of temperatures. Your engine will be protected from the common causes of engine breakdown and stress, and no matter the varying temperatures your vehicle performs in, conventional oil will keep your engine’s moving parts from overheating or freezing throughout the seasons.

                DEXRON® -III/MERCON® ATF
                PRICE: $367.50 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                DEXRON III/ MERCON ATF
                MULTI-VEHICLE ATF

                ATF DEXRON III
                MERCON ATF
                (Automatic Transmission Fluids) is a premium quality, multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid that can be used in many types of transmissions.

                Premium Multi-Purpose Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is engineered to outperform conventional automatic transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles.

                10W/30 SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL
                PRICE: $495.75 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                0W/20 FULL SYNTHETIC
                5W/20 FULL SYNTHETIC
                5W/30 FULL SYNTHETIC
                10W/30 FULL SYNTHETIC
                10W/40 FULL SYNTHETIC
                20W/50 FULL SYNTHETIC

                1800? BRAND SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is manufactured from 100% synthetic base stocks. The unique combination of high performance synthetic fluids and proprietary additive systems enables SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL to offer advantages beyond their conventional SAE viscosity grade counterparts. Conventional mineral oils thicken or thin dramatically with changes in temperature. To compensate for this weakness, manufacturers add thickeners to conventional multi-grade oils to slow thinning as engine temperatures rise.

                SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL has a naturally high resistance to changes in viscosity due to temperature and requires less of these thickeners. This results in a heavier, more stable protective oil film for engine bearings piston rings than provided by similar SAE viscosity grade mineral oils.
                SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL protects engines up to 204°C (400° F.). It contains fewer impurities, so it protects better than conventional oils in cold weather.

                SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is fully compatible with mineral-based, conventional, and synthetic blend engine oils.

                • Excellent Engine Protection during High Temperature Operation
                • Extend Engine Life by Reducing Wear
                • Provide Faster Cold Starts at Low Temperatures
                • Improved Oil Flow
                • Prevent Oil Breakdown and keeps Engines Cleaner
                • Reduce Oil Consumption
                • Maximum Reserve Capacity
                • Passenger car
                • Light Trucks either Gasoline or Diesel Engines
                • Meets and/or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements API service SN, SM, SL, SJ or CF.

                SYNTHETIC BLEND MOTOR OIL 5W20
                PRICE: $384.00 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Miami Florida Oil Delivery SYNTHETIC BLEND MOTOR OILS

                SYNTHETIC BLEND DIESEL OIL 15W40

                1800 BRAND HD MULTI-VIS DIESEL OILS & MOTOR OILS are highly refined paraffinic base oils compounded to exacting specifications. They have a natural high viscosity index and a highly superior additive package that protects against rust, corrosion, oxidation and wear of moving parts. A detergent dispersant provides control of sludge and varnish.

                1. Maximum protection for extreme weather starting and driving conditions;
                2. Excellent lubricity at both high and low temperatures;
                3. Does not break down in stop and go driving;
                4. Help reduce oil consumption;
                5. Protection against foaming, rust and oxidation in the crankcase;
                6. Dispersant additive keeps harmful dirt particles suspended in oil.
                HEAVY DUTY MULTI-VIS DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OILS are recommended for U.S., European and Japanese cars and light duty trucks for diesel and gasoline engines.
                HEAVY DUTY MULTI-VIS DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OILS meet and/or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements API SN,SM, SL, SJ, SH, ILSAG, GF-2, GF-3,GF-4, GF-5

                MARINE MOTOR OIL SAE 40
                PRICE: $477.00 (55-Gallon Drum)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                MARINE OIL SAE-40
                DIESEL OIL 15W40

                MARINE SUPER DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OIL MULTI-VISCOSITY for Diesel and Gasoline Marine Engines

                SUPER DUTY MARINE DIESEL ENGINE OIL is a premium quality motor oil designed to exceed the lubrication requirements of the most modern diesel and gasoline engines used in boating applications.

                SUPER DUTY MARINE DIESEL ENGINE OIL provides excellent protection for both four-cycle gasoline engines, as well as two- and four-cycle high performance diesel engines.

                MARINE DIESEL ENGINE OIL minimizes carbon deposits in the piston ring zone, resulting in less ring wear and less cylinder bore polishing. The benefits are less oil consumption, less ring breakage and less piston skirt scuffing. The acid neutralizing additives in SUPER DUTY MARINE DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OIL help to reduce corrosive wear.

                SUPER DUTY MARINE DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OIL provides excellent protection against rust, sludge, and low-temperature deposits which are more commonly a problem in gasoline engines.

                SUPER DUTY MARINE DIESEL ENGINE & MOTOR OIL meets/exceeds the performance requirements of all diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers specifying the use of an engine oil meeting API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF-2, CF/SL, CD, SH, SJ or any combination such as CI-4/SL (SAE 15W-40).

                MARINE MOTOR OIL is recommended for a most of diesel and gasoline engine manufactured by Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International/Navistar, John Deere, Mercedes Benz, MTU, Yanmar, Perkins, Volvo, Chrysler, Ford, Mercury and Indmar.

                SUPER DUTY MARINE MOTOR OIL is available in three viscosity grades: SAE 30, 40, and 15W-40. Always check the owner's manual for the correct viscosity grade to use.


                • Helps minimizes oil consumption
                • Helps protect against ring and cylinder wear
                • Helps keep pistons clean
                • Neutralizes acids from high sulfur fuel
                • Reduces bore polishing
                • Increased wear protection for valve trains
                • SAE 15W-40 meets/exceeds API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF/SL
                • SAE 30 meets/exceeds API CF-4, CF-2, CF/SJ
                • SAE 40 meets/exceeds API CF-4, CF-2, CF/SJ
                • Recommended for gasoline and diesel engines

                PRICE: CALL (Bulk)
                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                Generator Diesel Fuel / Off-Road Diesel Fuel

                Miami Oil Delivery is a supplier of bulk dyed diesel fuel for existing fuel storage tanks and generators.
                Daily, Weekly, Monthly and on Demand Off-Road Diesel Deliveries. We also fill up tankers at our facility.
                Our signature Refuel on Demand Service - Off-Road Bulk Diesel Fueling helps businesses run without power stoppages.
                This onsite fueling service is ideal for construction, industrial, farming, power plants, back-up generators or any other industry that needs off-road diesel fuel without leaving the premises.

                If you operate equipment that does not drive on the highways, then you can avoid paying highway taxes by purchasing Off Road Diesel (also called “Red Diesel”).
                Tractors, generators, front end loaders, bulldozers and other machinery can use Red Diesel. Red Diesel is the same as Clear (on road) Diesel except it has been dyed which makes it exempt from highway taxes.

                Tax free Off-Road (dyed or red) Diesel fuel used for construction equipment, generators, reefers/refrigerators and agricultural equipment delivered directly to your site.
                We can deliver tax free dyed diesel in large and medium quantities to your location.
                On-Site Tanks/ loaner tank for dyed diesel/ generator fuel are not provided at this time.

                Dyed diesel fuel may be purchased and used only for the following purposes
                ?(a) Use on a farm for farming purposes.
                ? ?(b) Exclusive use of a local government.
                ?(c) Use in a vehicle owned by an aircraft museum.
                ?(d) Exclusive use of the American Red Cross.
                Follow link above to see all.
                Diesel powered generators are used as a back up power source of hospitals, farms and other industries that must have electricity during a power outage.
                Diesel powered generators are much quieter than ones powered by natural gas.
                Diesel generator fueled with red diesel will have a longer life and reduced maintenance and repair costs.
                Diesel fuel is more cost effective and provides better performance in terms of more energy per unit of fuel than natural gas.
                Dyed off-road diesel fuel - Save on tax.

                Hydraulic Oil, Diesel Oil, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Fluid, Generator Diesel Fuel, Off-Road Diesel. Miami - Fort Lauderdale - West Palm.

                10W/30 QUAKER STATESOLD OUT
                10W/40 QUAKER STATE
                5W/50 QUAKER STATE SOLD OUT
                15W/50 PENNZOIL
                Alvania EP (LF)
                SRS 2000 SummerSOLD OUT
                SHELL GREASES
                SHELL OILS

                Top Brand Products -Supreme Prices!


                Huge savings on Overstock Top Brands products: Oil, Gear lube, Grease.

                These supplies are limited, contact for prices if not listed.

                Servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Ship and Export.

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